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We are prolific for a reason

Impact strategy in consulting

Prolific Practice is a consultancy firm that strategically advises and collaborates with both the public policy sector and the private sector, operating at the intersection of these two domains. We provide cutting edge strategic insights and solutions to government agencies, corporations, investors and donors around the world. Our core areas include energy, climate change, natural resource governance, innovation, public policy, extractive industry investments and financial services. Prolific Practice’s delivery model is structured  to transform ideas into action and ensure that our clients can achieve distinctive, measurable and sustained impact in their projects. Innovation drives our thinking and at Prolific Practice we are always looking for opportunities to catalyze sustainable development and inclusion. Our delivery model which involves engaging the very best local expertise in any country we work in and quickly building relationships with relevant stakeholders from the public and private sector allows us to work on projects in multiple countries around the world. 

Business People


Our solutions are designed to enhance the abilities of our clients.

Our Industry

We help stakeholders improve the legal and regulatory environment, and build the capacity of government agencies in financial management.


Our experience allows us to provide high quality insights across multiple sectors and business challenges. Our unique perspectives allow us to drive innovation, support the development of strategic objectives, design programmes and support policy implementation.


International Development

Prolific Practice delivers services for development organisations, NGOs and social enterprises to ensure that their beneficiaries receive the impact across economic, social and human contexts.  Our approach is to leverage our business strategy and commercial capabilities to design solutions which are tailored to the international development context.

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