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Child Protection Policy

Prolific Practice LTD is dedicated to providing comprehensive International Development services on a global scale, collaborating closely with clients in both the public and private sectors to bring about a positive and enduring impact on communities worldwide.


Guided by a visionary approach, our mission is to cultivate environments that prioritize the safety, respect, and empowerment of children. We are committed to ensuring that our staff is well-equipped and supported in fulfilling their crucial protection responsibilities within these settings.


Maintaining an unwavering commitment to child safety, Prolific Practice LTD enforces a zero-tolerance policy towards any employees engaging in or supporting child exploitation and abuse, including the possession of child exploitation material. Recognizing the collective responsibility of all adults in preventing child exploitation and abuse, our Child Protection Policy is an integral part of our overarching framework. This policy aligns with the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and meets the stringent requirements of our esteemed global clients and donors.

The primary objective of this comprehensive policy is to diligently apply these principles across all facets of our work, ensuring that Prolific Practice LTD takes every conceivable step to safeguard children from all forms of abuse. This Child Protection policy extends to cover all personnel associated with Prolific Practice LTD, encompassing employees, volunteers, visitors, interns, trustees, board members, sub-contractors/consultants, associates, and partners, including downstream partners. It should be read in conjunction with Prolific Practice LTD’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Policy.

In cases where personnel covered by this policy engage in conduct prohibited by these guidelines or violate associated laws, disciplinary measures will be pursued, potentially resulting in termination of employment or contract for service. Our commitment to upholding these standards underscores our dedication to fostering a safe and protective environment for every child involved in our initiatives.

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