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Prolific Practice


We are prolific for a reason

Prolific Practice supports clients in the public and private sector to confront these challenges, developing strategic, policy, investment and implementation solutions to enable the pathway to sustainability.

No part of the world is immune from the consequences of climate change. Rising temperatures are fuelling environmental degradation, natural disasters, weather extremes, food and water insecurity, economic disruption, conflict. One of the challenges climate change brings is that the world needs an accessible, available and affordable and secure supply of clean energy while maintaining sustainable economic growth. The world also must promote a circular economy as climate change is a risk multiplier that makes worse already existing challenges.

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Business Strategy

Providing cutting-edge strategy services including strategic planning corporate strategy, digital strategy, organizational strategy and business model transformation. Our advice is catalytic to business transformation.

People & Process Improvement 

 Human capital development solutions and creating innovative solutions and strategies to improve the performance of our clients. We offer bespoke and off-the-shelf training products and services that cover multiple sustainability areas. Our approach at Prolific Practice is to utilize a systematic approach in order to identify, analyse and bring about improvement of existing business processes for the purpose of optimization and meeting new quotas and or quality standards.

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Project Management and Monitoring & Evaluation 

We work with our clients to improve their ability to plan, coordinate and execute projects according to specific requirements and constraints. Our M&E approach is to ensure we measure the relevance, effectiveness and impact of our client’s activities.

Business Strategy

Real change starts with people. We are Prolific Practice!

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Economic Development Advisory

Working with public and private sector actors to support inclusive economic growth through research and technical assistance. Our economic development approach is to prioritize commercial sustainability and agility through improved market access, access to finance and improved productivity.

Policy Research & Analysis

Utilising capabilities in policy and regulatory monitoring, Political Economy Analysis, stakeholder mapping and engagement and public policy strategy to support policy reform and institutional strengthening. Strengthening and improving government performance by providing technical advice, strategic guidance, and support to public institutions, elected bodies, and citizens. We help stakeholders improve the legal and regulatory environment, and build the capacity of government agencies in financial management, public service provision, local economic development, and public outreach

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Financial Advisory & Investment Promotion 

Prolific practice offers a broad range of advisory and consulting services to private sector investors, businesses and federal and state government agencies to encourage, promote and coordinate investments. The services include FinTech solutions, Small and medium-scale enterprise expansion, institutional capacity building, due diligence and technical analysis.

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